Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011, Christmas Morning

Photo by Ken W. Hall,  title     "Ol' Buck"

I randomly had been making nose prints on the plate glass window while conducting an imaginary count of the sun flower seeds lying on the snow on the ground under the bird feeders.  Luckily the number of seeds and hulls counted has no impact on any perceived benefit to humankind. If it does, we as sum of the human society may be in more dire straits than first reflected. After a brief time, seeds and numbers evolved into boredom. Why work on something that is of no interest to my soul when talking with people and sharing what we all desire collectively may be of far more benefit. Luckily and suddenly an old and trusted friend crossed my fence line and casually made a path to his spot just under the window.

"Mornin' Buck," I called out as is tradition here in Montana. "How's the world treating you this fine Christmas morning? You look tired Buck!"

With his head down and a nose that was surgically sorting hull from seed he glanced up revealing snow and ice on a nose that had likely seen colder temperatures than this thru the darkness of Christmas eve. In a tone shadowed of fatigue and hunger he shared, "I am tired. I's up all night on call. My agent had me booked 'stand by ready' for some outfit up at the North Pole. Had I flown with him the pay likely would have been sizable but the hours would have been worse than I can imagine." Batting tired eyelids he continued, "The idea seemed like a good one at the time but I'm pretty darned glad I didn't get the call."

"Hey Buck, wanna come in for a hot toddy before you head on to bed?"

"No thanks my friend," he uttered quietly. "I need to go and find a place to rest my bones. Thanks for the seeds and best wishes to you and yours for these days of reflection."

"Buck, I promise we're not serving venison. Sure you don't want to sit in."

Buck chuckled, "That's good news for my kind but seeds will hold me over for a spell while I rest. If I don't see you or talk with you until next Christmas, give your bride a warm Montana hug for me. She sure makes this world a better place to live. Montana had a good day when you brought here up here. Thanks for the seeds and friendship. I'll tell my family that this is a safe haven for any of our kind to stop and chat. Gotta' run."

With that and a silent leap over the old white fence Buck sauntered off to bed down. "Ya' think there is any possibility that outfit at the North Pole rested Buck just so he and I could talk on Christmas? Maybe we should tell our respective stories. Seems like Christmas needs some new friends with good strong memories of its past to ensure that future generations 'on both sides of the fence' can share a remembrance of the Truth. The fellow at the Pole must have some strong visions for Christmas future from who knows where. Sure glad Buck introduced me to him. This Christmas seems to share the best of the old with the best of the new for all the world."

"Pleasant dreams till next year. No doubt we all will have much to chew on and share. I'll let Buck know tell his friends that we will all get together same time same place next Christmas morning and count the seeds. In the meantime, my prayer is that we will all remember how to see with our hearts!"

                                                    --  Ken Hall and his trusted friend Buck
                                                         © December 26, 2011 Ken Hall/BearFeather Studio

Ken took photos of his friend on Christmas morning and sent me this story along with the photo this morning.  I thought you might find it enjoyable.  We had a wonderful day sharing food and conversation with friends and family.

It is thirty degrees out this morning with lots of wind.  Temperatures continue to be mild as we close out 2011.

                                      ---  Penny Hall

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Determined Flicker

Photo by Ken W. Hall

Photo by Ken W. Hall
This determined flicker showed up yesterday during our snow storm.  The house was spinning while this magnificent bird balanced itself with its tail feathers.  It never even noticed as Ken took its picture.

Today people here in Ennis are reporting temperature ranges from six below to two above zero.  The sun is shinning brightly.  It well be a beautiful day.

Well, off to my studio to cut out more pieces so I can make room at the dining table for our Christmas guests.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trip To Lions Park

Photo by Penny Hall

Photo by Penny Hall  
It was a spectacular day.  The thermometer on my car registered forty-five degrees when I took a short trip to Lions Park mid-day.  The sunshine felt soooo good!

Although it was a bit breezy there were people out walking and admiring the almost frozen pond.  The Christmas decorations are delightful and fun to see during the day without their evening lights.

The weather report says we can expect some snow tomorrow and more mid-week.  Looks like we could have white Christmas after all.  This has been a very different November and December.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fog and Ice

Photo by Ken W. Hall
It is seven degrees and foggy.  The fog is a lot like the one in this picture Ken took last week when we spent the night with friends in Bozeman. 

A beautiful frost is forming on everything.  It is especially beautiful on the tree branches.  It is a winter wonderland.

I have been busy filling orders and shipping them out for Christmas.  There is still time to order off my online shop.

Yesterday it was cloudy all day.  The high was twenty degrees but it felt really cold.  With no significant snowfall yet this month we are wondering what our winter will be like this year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peaceful Doves

Photo by Ken W. Hall
We were watching the birds this week at our feeders when Ken commented, "it is easy to see why the dove is the bird of peace."  We always comment on how frenetic the other birds are but that day we were able to see the calmness of the dove.

It is twenty-six degrees outside and windy.  Another cold front is due in tonight from Canada.  Temperatures reached nine degrees below zero on morning this week but has been between nine to twelve above since then. 

We still have some snow on the ground but it is going away slowly.  I am so grateful the main roads are plowed on a regular basis.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Artisans Market at Christmas Stroll

Photo by Ken W. Hall

Photo by Ken W. Hall

Photo by Ken W. Hall
Thursday, Friday and Saturday a group of local artists got together to offer our latest creations for viewing and for sale.  Late Friday afternoon and evening residents attending the annual Christmas Stroll stopped by to feast their eyes on our creations and their bodies on our homemade goodies.

It is always such a joy to visit with members of our small community we don't often see during the summer.  Santa was at the Pharmacy and children were delighted to share their excitement with us.  Many enjoyed the hayrides and other festivities found up and down main street.

Although traffic was slow on Thursday and Saturday we enjoyed spending time with fellow artists.  We shared information and ideas that kindled the fire of our creative energies encouraging us to move forward as winter begins to close in around us.

The weather was cold but not as cold as the year before.  Today it is sixteen degrees with blowing snow.  I have not had time to check the weather reports but I can tell you it is cold outside and a blanket of snow is everywhere.