Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Visitor

Photo by Ken W. Hall

This little guy stopped by several times this week.  A hawk dropped in this morning.  The rush to eat as much as possible before the rain created quite a show.

Our week began with wind, clouds and a few snow bursts.  The mountains were showered with white snow.  Yesterday the sun was out and the wind silent.  We took a lovely ride in the mountains nearby.

Today it is raining.  Temperatures continue to be above normal.  We are expected to experience temperatures in the mid forties to low fifties again this week.  I am loving this amazing weather.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Unexpected Company

 Photo by Ken W. Hall

 Photo by Ken W. Hall

 Photo by Ken W. Hall

"We had unexpected company for a meal with us…they just dropped in unannounced. We hadn't seen the new baby so the miracle was truly amazing to behold. There was Mom, Dad and The Little One.
They didn't stay long, just a quick meal on sunflower seeds and then a melding into the night. With this they were gone.

The Dad was regal in his finest male adornment, the Mother soft and gentle and the Little One ever present with curious and new found wonder of life. I know they were sent just for me for I have been searching and longing for 'curious wonder of life for myself.' Some say, "seeing is believing."  What I saw was a bundle, a spiritual bundle carefully wrapped with tradition, magic and 'the curious wonder'. The amazing thing was I didn't see it with my eyes, I saw it with my heart."

My prayer is that we all will remember to see with our hearts and remember with our souls.

Words and Photos by Ken W. Hall

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unhappy Moose

Photo by Ken W. Hall

Raised hackles gave Ken a clear message his presence was not appreciated.  The moose was clearly not in the mood to have her picture taken.

The moose was spotted chowing down on the side of the road as we traveled to Big Sky earlier this week.  Several people stopped to marvel at the rare sight of such a magnificent animal.

We are spending as much time as possible outside walking and enjoying this weather.  Temperatures are in the mid to high twenties in the mornings and in the low sixties to mid seventies later in the day.

Leaves are turning color and slowly falling. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beautiful October

Photo by Ken W. Hall

What an amazing week it has been.  We experience our first hard freeze earlier in the week.  It was so much better than last year.  This week it was only in the twenties.  

Last year this time we were shocked by below zero temperatures and snow.  We are happy to enjoy these warm, beautiful days.

The rest of the week improved in temperature waking to high thirties and low forties.  We enjoyed a couple of days around seventy.

Yesterday it never rose above fifty.  A soft rain spinkled on us most of the day then poured as we went to bed.  This morning it is cloudy and the mountains appear to have received a dusting of snow.

What a beautiful October.  I love the colors in the sky this time of year.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Breakfast Guests

"Yesterday morning we had company for breakfast!

This is not the first time she has joined us for a meal.

Today she was dressed in her newest winter outfit, even as new and untidy as it appears.

She didn't linger, just sampled the plants and moved on. Just as well, our cat Mystic was on a mission when he sensed her presence and bounded onto the window sill where he holds court and observation.

Our friendliest neighbors are multiple deer, four raccoons, a lone skunk and a river full of brown and rainbow trout. If I remember correctly, there are some humans in the vicinity as well although they are not as interesting and they have a lot of nothingness to speak when approached.

We must be doing something right to be blessed with all this."

Comments and photos by Ken W. Hall

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Skies

The fall skies welcomed me Tuesday evening when I returned home from a visit with my family in Arkansas for my mother's birthday last week.

Wednesday morning it was thirty-eight degrees when I woke.  The high was seventy-two and the weather was amazing.

This morning about three-thirty a raccoon came crashing down from a tree with our bird feeder in hand and roused us from our peaceful slumber.

It rained last night and temperatures remained in the forties.  It looks as if we will have another awesome day.