Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Sky Is On Fire

© 2015 Ken W. Hall

On the morning of August 21, 2015 the sun rose as usual and at the appropriate hour. Looking east from Ennis toward the Madison Range I could do nothing but stare and wonder at the majesty of the new day, and whatever it would lay gently in our laps.  It beckoned that I should share its arrival and message.

"Upon its rise into the new day it did it did not being the fire smoke, it merely brought it to our attention.

What a reality to see and not be able to deny the reality and severity of the circumstances. It is now that we must awaken our awareness of those in Harm's way in the fire stricken communities and surrounding areas. The storms are fierce but the power and result of our prayers can alter and often eleviate the heat, no matter the circumstance."

We must pray well and with sincerity and we must pray often. Our brothers and sisters are asking for our participation.
                                                --- Ken Hall

The image above is the color of the sun when blocked by smoke. This morning dawned with a thirty-five degree temperature due to a cold front that moved in yesterday.  We still cannot see the mountains for the smoke but it is a little clearer today due to the lack of wind.  It is a brief reprieve.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Smokey Times

© 2015 Ken W. Hall

© 2015 Ken W. Hall

"Smoke from the forest fires billowing from the west coast and nearby Montana locations shrouded the clear and sunny skies. Smoke could be tasted and smelled.

  To be deterred by nothing Mother Doe and her twins visited quietly and with intent of breakfast. They, in unison, browsed by the creek, along its very banks. It was early morning and the light was perfect. Colors were soft and saturated. This made it easy to see the 'wardrobe' change being facilitated by the Great Designer. The summer red coats, holding on for their very existence while revealing the tattered spots of the twins. The life for the twins seemed to have come at a very late date. I think it was in June or July which when compared to other fawns we observed was later than what I would call normal.

Shortly after the dining table image the twins felt a very synchronous burst of energy…a game of tag was in order. I can attest that when fawns play tag it is at an extremely accelerated rate of speed, a speed in fact when coupled with the soft morning light said, "No stop action images for these two, at least not now." The images painted to my memory are indelible, vivid and real. The only way I know to share is for you to tap into my dreamtime and summons the recall of bullet fast twins literally running circles around our property at what was at my best guess twenty plus miles an hour. The two laps they completed were in some circles epic. Within me, they were divine and sacred. Mother Doe blessed us with memories very selectively and with great sanctity and purity. Church today was a blessing."

-Ken W. Hall
© Ken W. Hall
All Rights Reserved 2015

The smoke is unhealthy today due to so many fires not only in Montana but surrounding states.  The wind shifted today and blew in way more smoke.  It has been smokey for almost a week now but today was the worst.

The sun this morning was blood red through the smoke.  Temperatures are in the forties in the mornings and range from highs in the 60's to low 80's.