Wednesday, September 26, 2012

© 2011 Ken W. Hall     Fall Flame 

" Heralding the transition to winter with a vibrant palette, the red heartbeat of fall allows us to remember, reflect and  honor all that has blessed us through this year. In the solemn quiet of winter Creator will allow us to heal and prepare for the promised spring." -- Ken W. Hall

I spoke with Ken this morning.  He said the smoke is clearing a little due to a couple of recent rain showers.  The leaves are beginning to change color and fall is definitely in the air.  Temperatures contintue to be in the forties in the mornings and seventies during the day. I am grateful the smoke is clearing.

Here in Arkansas it is hot and humid.  Humidity is something I have not experienced in a long time.  It is supposed to get up into the nineties today.

I am grateful for the time with my family.  Mother will celebrate her eighty sixth birthday this Saturday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Buffalo Smoke

© 2009 Ken W. Hall                  Buffalo Smoke, Yellowstone National Park
I took my own image today to share with you documenting the ever present smoke that lingers in the air.  As I attempted to download it from my camera my card reader took its last breath.  I leave in the morning for Arkansas to visit my family so there is no time to get it fixed.

So, I began to look for one of the images I have from Ken.  This one is an old one worth sharing again.  The photo was taken in Yellowstone National Park.  A geiser is responsible for the smoke you see in the picture.

Ken was fishing in the park last week and said they did not see many animals.  That is unusual for this time of year but temperatures are above normal.

The smoke from the fires still hangs around.  There are times when it is so thick we cannot see the mountains.  Temperatures are in the thirties and forties in the mornings and eighties in the afternoons.  There is still no sign of rain.

I will be out of town for two weeks.  If time permits I will get a report from Ken and post it here.  If you do not hear from me just know I will be back with another post  after October 2nd.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feels A Bit Like Fall

© 2011 Ken W. Hall  
"Ranchers free range cattle into the forests for the summer and then begin preparation for winter by rounding them up and bringing them 'home' to the valley floor to endure winter while standing butt into the wind and sharing the warmth of like bodies of family. This is a generational tradition in Montana from family to family and ranch by ranch. This life is not for everyone, only for those of a higher calling chosen to protect  Creator's own."  -- Ken W. Hall

Ken just shared the above image and words with me to use here in my blog.  We have been super busy as summer gives way to fall.  Since I have not been able to get out and take many photos Ken offered to share some of the images
he is uncovering as he sorts through his archives after his fourth backup hard drive crash in two years.

Yesterday and today are awesome.  Temperatures are milder with a gentle breeze.  It was forty this morning and will likely reach into the mid to high seventies.  What is even more wonderful right now is the smoke, although ever present, wis not as bad as it has been.  We can see the mountains.