Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Refuge After The Storm

Image © Ken W. Hall 2013

Across the Madison River and some 4 miles outside Ennis lies Jeffers, Montana, settled in 1864 at an elevation of 4,940 feet…the Episcopal Church.

It snowed Sunday and again on today Tuesday. How many prayers, how many snow flakes would you guess?

A question more relevant might be, "Which prayers brought which snow flakes."

We know for sure your prayers have been a significant part of Penny's healing of the eye. She continues to progress and offers her thanks and blessings.

- Ken
  The Husband

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Madison River Is Gorging!

Copyright 2013 Ken W. Hall

Copyright 2013 Ken W. Hall

Copyright 2013 Ken W. Hall

Once again she puts on her winter finest…the Madison River gorges. As it has been told to me the river freezes from the bottom up. The Madison, according to stories is one of two rivers on the planet where this happens. As seen in the top image the ice is nearly touching bottom of the highway bridge that crosses the river in town. A normal distance between the river surface and the bottom of the bridge is approximately ten to twelve feet. This gives a perspective of the thickness of the ice flow which covers the river today. I say today because it can change so rapidly that later today there could easily be a different scenario between ice and bridge. Maybe you want to stay on guard!

"Thanks for all your prayers and loving thoughts. I am doing better with each new day. Till I return to action at the keyboard, The Husband will continue to post."

- Penny

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching Up From Montana

Copyright 2012 Ken W. Hall

Life continues in Montana despite the "end time". There are probably a lot of folks who got all dressed up and suddenly had no where to go!

The image above was captured in Bozeman the morning after Penny had emergency surgery for another detached retina! The date of the first part of the two part surgery was December 28, 2012. There were so many miracles that were lined up to guide us thru this experience with grace, gratitude and humbleness.

Due to the nature of the surgery it is best for Penny not to use the computer while the eye continues to heal itself, therefore you are stuck with me, Ken.

We will continue to post updates as the process runs its course. Love and blessings and thanks to all who are already aware of the situation.

Ken W. Hall, the husband