Monday, February 9, 2015

Is It Really February?

© 2015 Ken W. Hall

© 2015 Ken W. Hall
When I returned to Ennis I was surprised to find things so different for this time of year.  I wanted to connect with the Madison River and figured I would have to go to Lions Park since my favorite campground is usually closed due to gorging and ice.

To my surprise the campground was open and access to the river was easy.  There were a few puddles of melted snow on the road in and out but that was about it.  The river was flowing free of ice.

The local news reported that the Bozeman Golf Course opened two months early because the conditions are more like spring than winter.

Ken wanted to take a drive around Ennis Lake yesterday.  Ice fishing appears to be over since the only ice on the lake is slush.  Large portions of the water are completely clear.

We drove into Bear Trap Canyon and on the way out Ken stopped to admire this magnificent eagle.  He put on quite a show for us.

The temperatures have been in the thirties and forties at night and in the forties and fifties during the day.  Yesterday it was fifty-seven degrees, sunny and breezy.

Is it reality February in Ennis?