Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arctic Air

Photo by Ken W. Hall

Photo by Ken W. Hall

If you have ever visited Lions Park here in Ennis, Montana and crossed the bridge over the pond to the Madison River you will recognize the bench in the photo above.  It looks like it is covered in snow but that is actually ice from the river.

The ice you see through the fence in front of the bench is the Madison River.  This is the first time I have ever seen it flood this favorite lookout area.  I love to sit there in the summer and watch the fishermen on the river and the cars pass on the bridge.

As you can tell from the other photo the ice is touching the bridge.  In Twin Bridges there are several homes in danger of flooding as we all brace for another arctic blast that is expected to send temperatures to an estimated twenty-one below zero in some areas.

Today it is two degrees with strong winds.  We have had light snow off and on all day.  I am grateful all my errands are done and I can settle in for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dove Visitor

© Ken W. Hall 2011   BearFeather Studio

We have been blessed all winter with two pairs of doves who visit us daily.  They have the most beautiful song.  I love watching the birds.  It amazes me how many remain here all winter.

The weatherman was predicting two to eight inches of snow last night.  We woke to way less than an inch.  It was just enough to put a little ice on the deck.  The temperature was twenty degrees and is expected to reach into the low thirties.  The sun just came out.  Looks like it will be a beautiful day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Madison River at Burnt Tree Fishing Access

Photo by Ken W. Hall
"In the foreground the ice on the main river channel has risen 3-4 feet above the level of an island in the middle of the Madison River while determined to continue its journey toward the confluence of the headwaters of the Missouri River the constant northward flow claimed the island as the 'new channel' ". Determination to follow instinct is a mighty and powerful force with no limitations." 
                                                                                                                               -  Ken W. Hall

Below zero temperatures are causing interesting changes in the Madison river this season.  Ken took this photo at Burnt Tree fishing access earlier this week.  The wind is blowing strong as warmer air moves in.  We are expecting temperatures to warm into the low forties by early next week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow, Cold and Solitude

Photo by Ken W. Hall
"Snow, cold and solitude…all these were present as I watched a yearling mule deer in refuge in our front yard instinctively and methodically chewing the few sunflower seeds gathered moments before from under the bird feeder. These seeds mixed with leaves from the juniper tree brought a connection and nourishment to an instinct strongly remembered and trusted for survival in seemingly hard times. Did I give this day enough thanks for warm cereal, cozy rooms and shelter from the wind? Because I posed the question, maybe not. My soul feels lighter since I questioned."
                                                                                           - Ken W. Hall

It is very cold outside...windy and ten degrees.  Just a couple inches of snow fell last night.  Enough to create icy and snow packed roads all the way to Bozeman.  Looks like we are in for another really cold night.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mountain Top

Photo by Ken W. Hall
This just in from Ken.  He took the photo this morning on his way to VC Ranches.  Here is what he had to say:
"Somewhere within me stands a mountain top where I can stand and rise above all else."
                                                                       Ken W. Hall

 We had about three inches of snow yesterday when we headed to Bozeman to meet a friend.  Norris hill was snow packed and icy.  By the time we returned home late afternoon the roads were dry from wind and occasional sun.

Today it has been cloudy most of the day.  More snow is predicted and another arctic blast.  Currently temperatures are in the low twenties.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Madison River Gorges Again

Photo by Penny Hall

Officials placed signs on the highway between Ennis and Jeffers to watch for water on the road.  The below zero temperatures caused the Madison river to gorge again.  The once open channel is solid ice. 

So far the highway is dry and temperatures are beginning to warm up slightly.  Right now it is seventeen degrees but it was twelve below zero when we first woke this morning.

The sunshine and lack of wind were a true blessing today.  Interesting how sunshine makes you feel warmer even if the temperatures are below freezing.