Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rush Hour in Ennis Montana

© Ken W. Hall

© Ken W. Hall

"Yesterday, Friday September 18, 2015 a family of moose, including the bull, the cow and the baby, blessed us with their presence, and I might add 'What a presence it was.

I spent nearly an hour observing them all and the places where each fit into the family. I wonder…if I had in my past known where I fit in my family how would my life been different? What really matters now is how I fit into my own life."

                                                                                                  - Ken W. Hall

Friday afternoon a friend called to alert me that a family of moose were in town. It is rare to see a bull, cow and salt all in one location. I called Ken and off he went.  Of the 300 images he took he was kind enough to share these with me to share with you.  

After several rainy days the sunshine was a welcome sight and made his photography easier.  As you can tell the rain brought the first significant snow fall to the mountains.  Temps in the mornings have been in the high thirties and daytime temps in the fifty to sixty degree range.  I do love the fall weather and visits from your animal kingdom.