Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Morning Magic on Ennis Lake

©2015 Ken W. Hall

©2015 Ken W. Hall

©2015 Ken W. Hall

©2015 Ken W. Hall
If you look closely at the next to the last image you will see a sea of white.  That is what looks like a thousand migrating tundra swans.

Ken discovered them this morning on his early morning trip to bear trap canyon via Ennis Lake.  He was greeted by geese, deer and mallard ducks as well as the swans.

It was a memorable morning.  The temperature at the time was in the twenties.  Now it is in the fifties with sunshine and a breeze.

I am loving this spring time weather.  It is supposed to be this way all week.  Wish you were here to share it.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Morning Visitor

©2015 Ken W. Hall

©2015 Ken W. Hall
"A temperature hovering near 0 degrees heightens the morning senses of a young mule deer doe, an animal that listens into the 'the silence' and is gifted with abundance. She had, along with two other does, bedded down for last night under a increasingly stunning moon approaching full phase. Their beds, body imprints holding the stories told by the stars, lay just outside a six foot plus wire fence near the feeder, a fence that is a mere focused thought and springs from nimble legs away from breakfast as humans know it.

The feeder tube holds approximately a quart of sunflower seeds and we now have a approximate time that is required, with calculated moments of surveillance for intruders, to leisurely consume this moment the abundance. The meal spanned in human time about thirty minutes, thirty minutes that satisfied her needs of the moment and with great stealth and totally unseen by the her intruder with the camera she was nothing more than the mirage of the mind.

Was I truly present at this event? Was there in truth really a deer? Was the surreal experience a dance of trickery? The camera has its truth of the dance but only you know if it was true for you. 

– Ken W. Hall

Winter weather is back with temperatures below normal for this time of year. The coming week it expected to snow and drop below zero and in the single digits at night and warm to the teens and twenties during the day.  Recently it dipped to six degrees below zero and put a halt to all the green grass, irises and buds that were beginning to appear.