Sunday, April 20, 2014

Osprey, Trout and Moose

©2014 Ken W. Hall

©2014 Ken W. Hall
It is a beautiful Easter Sunday.  We took a walk along the Madison River near Eight Mile Fishing Access earlier this morning. 

As we were approaching the access Ken noticed this Bull Moose sun bathing on a small island in the middle of the river.  Camera in hand he headed out down the river to see if he could get a few shots.

Just as we began to make our way to the river's edge this magnificent osprey flew overhead and put o quite a show.  Ken immediately noticed the trout he held in his talons.

By the time we reached the moose he was not in the mood for a photo shoot.  Ken managed this one quick shot before he rose and headed across the river diapering into the safety of the willows.

It was forty degrees at six this morning and now it is fifty-nine.  The wind makes it feel colder but the sunshine is a welcome sight.

I wish you a blessed day.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Total White Out! Blizzard In The BearTrap

© 2014 Ken W. Hall
As the blizzard subsided I was lying on my belly on a rock in the river shooting water level images when I glanced not ten feet from my right side and beheld noses…not one or two but schools. I put away the pixel machine and scrambled up the bank back to my rig and loaded myself with tackle and down I went to the water. I fished for less than two hours, got eleven fish, all on dry flies.  One was 11 inches and the rest, a mix of browns and rainbows, were from 14 - 18. There was still some occasional rising fish but since I could not feel my feet and I had to drive out of the canyon on a slippery road I called it a day and what a day it was!
                                                                                   -- Ken W. Hall

Ken took this photo several days ago on a fishing trip.  Sounds like it was an amazing experience he will not soon forget.

This has been a different sort of week.  We lost water for several hours then discovered mid day the following day that the water we were drinking and using was contaminated.  Those of us who live in town and are on city water are picking up water from Ennis city hall until they get test results back on Tuesday.

Three Rivers Communications laying fiber optic cables drilled through the water main.

We take many things for granted in life.  Not having something we rely on daily give us the opportunity to appreciate it even more.

It is wonderful to have the temperatures warming a little.  The sights and sounds of spring are everywhere.  I love waking to the sound of the birds.  It is daylight earlier and later as our days get longer.  The town is waking up as businesses prepare for our summer visitors.