Thursday, February 27, 2014

Deep Freeze Again

©2014 Ken W. Hall

©2014 Ken W. Hall
What a difference a day makes.  One day the deer are sunbathing the next they are riding out the storm.

March is marching in like a lion with what our local forecaster is calling the winter storm of 2014. Last week temperatures dipped well below zero after a heavy snowfall and a repeat is scheduled to begin this evening.  Temperatures are well below normal for this time of year.

The sound of birds chirping is a welcome song.  It is time for many of them to return.  I am sure they are just as surprised by the winter weather.

Perhaps the old saying will ring true and March will go out like a lamb.  In the meantime we must brace for another storm and frigid temperatures expected to reach 14 below zero.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Fishing on Ennis Montana Lake

© 2014 Ken W. Hall
It was cloudy yesterday with occasional snow pellets falling when we drove to check out Ennis, Montana's lake.  There were two groups of ice fishermen digging through the ice.  One group was constantly interrupted by their dog wanting them to throw a stick.  It was very entertaining to watch.

I was a little surprised to see ice fishermen.  As you can tell the ice is melting and has areas where geese are gathered to fish through the open ice.  Under the bridge the Madison River is flowing and a couple of fishermen had their poles lined up fishing off the bridge.

The high yesterday was thirty-five degrees above zero.  Today it was twenty six when we got up and now it is forty with very strong winds.  Gusts were predicted to get as high sixty-five miles per hour.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Above Zero...finally

©2014 Ken W. Hall
Temperatures finally rose above zero yesterday and today it made it to the low thirties.  We are so grateful to feel the warmth after a week of temperatures as low as thirty-two degrees below zero.

The last couple of days we received snow that mounted to about five to six inches.  This is from our backyard.  You can see more of Ken's photos from this week here.  The tracks in the snow in the back yard are from the deer.

It amazes me that the animals can survive such sub-zero temperatures.  They are covered with frost but somehow manage to stay warm.

Thank goodness the temperatures are expected to be in the low thirties this week.  Snow is predicted each day through Friday but to day it was very minimal early this morning.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

18 Below Zero

© 2014 Ken W. Hall
It was 18 below zero when we got up this morning.  Now it is 10 below.  The above photo was taken by Ken in Jeffers, Montana earlier this week when we had a short snow fall with winds that made it seem like a blizzard.

We are expecting lower temperatures tonight and tomorrow night then it will begin to warm back up the early part of next week.

I am working from home with a warm cup of tea.  Wish you were here to join me.  It is so beautiful outside with snow on the ground and the sun peeking out from behind the clouds from time to time.