Monday, June 24, 2013

Flowers in Bloom

© 2013 Ken W. Hall

© 2013 Ken W. Hall

© 2013 Ken W. Hall

© 2013 Ken W. Hall
The flowers are blooming and Ken is spending a lot of time with his camera admiring them.  The above are an iris and a columbine.  Both are spectacular flowers and Ken did a great job of capturing their beauty.

We have been super busy so I am late with this post.  The weather has ranged from calm hot summer like days to cold and windy days much like you would find in the fall.  This morning it was thirty-two and the roof had a white frost on it.  The clouds rolled in and the wind has been blowing so strong it is hard to stand and walk.

our summer visitors are coming back and there are lots more people to be found downtown.  I love the energy that stirs when tourists begin to drift through town.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sun Ring

© 2013 Ken W. Hall
We were having lunch on the deck this week when Ken looked up and saw this amazing ring around the sun.  I am in awe of his ability to capture things like this so beautifully on his camera.

It has felt more like summer this week.  Temperatures reached into the eighties.  There were a couple of days when the wind was silent.  We love those days.

Saturday the town was hopping.  The hospital held its health fair at the elementary school. The farmer's market opened on Friday evening, it's new time slot.  And visitors as well as locals were out taking advantage of this beautiful day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Spring Guest

© 2013 Ken W. Hall
This little guy is a rare sight in our part of the country.  I love the rosy color on the breast of this member of the grosbeak family.  It paid a surprise visit more than once this week.

Yesterday the weather was awesome.  Sunshine, warm and only a slight breeze made it a perfect spring day.  Today has been cloudy with sprinkles off and on.

The Madison River is slowing down and reports are the fishing is awesome.  I personally like to walk along the river and listen to the sound of the water flowing over the stones.  It is so relaxing.

It is supposed to get up in the high seventies later this week.