Tuesday, July 8, 2014


©2014 Ken W. Hall

©2014 Ken W. Hall

©2014 Ken W. Hall
Few are aware that the headwaters of the fabled Madison River, the river on which we live, is the conjunction of the Gibbon River and the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.

Recently I, along with two special friends named Ricard Lessner and Chuck Feldman, journeyed to the Firehole in search of elusive trout. The Firehole is fed by numerous geyser runoffs of steaming mineral laden waters. In the summer it is amazing while in the winter it is other worldly.

The three "buds" each caught trout but my catch of the day was when I opted fly rod for camera and waded through a Millers caddis hatch to the far side of the river. When the ford was complete I was greeted by a small bird. The welcome party for my arrival included the small feathered friend putting on quite a display on a fallen tree reaching out into the Firehole. My catch of the day was when the bird focused on a single Millers caddis and let instincts fly…and it appears in the image that the caddis flew as well and lived another day.

And so is Life in Yellowstone and the Firehole River. Magic and mystique reign supreme in these hallowed waters so graciously gifted by Creator.

                                                                               - Ken W. Hall

Our weather is getting hotter.  It was 57 degrees this morning and will reach the mid to high eighties this afternoon.  What makes it warmer for us is that most of our buildings do not have air conditioning since we only require it two or three months out of the year.  I do love the warmer weather and am enjoying every moment.