Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Bear in Bear Trap Canyon

©Ken W. Hall, BearFeather Studio
This black bear surprised us yesterday when we drove up Bear Trap Canyon to fish and hike.  It was a joy watching as the little guy ambled up the side of the cliff from the banks of the river.

As soon as Ken suited up for fly fishing the rains came.  The showers were relatively short lived and Ken caught more than one brown trout.

I gave up searching for choke cherries and settled in the car with a good book.

When we headed home the sky opened up and poured making it difficult to see while traversing the narrow dirt road.

We woke this morning to a thick fog.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Snow on the Mountains

It rained during the night.  We woke to a temperature of forty-five degrees.  As I was about to make breakfast I looked out the patio door and discovered our first snow on the mountains.

The mountains always look so lovely when they are dusted with snow. 

The leaves have been turning on the trees.  Looks like we may be in for an early fall.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day Trip to the Park

We took time out of our busy schedule to venture into Yellowstone Park recently.  It was a most spectacular day.  We took our time and explored areas on foot that in the past we had driven past in a rush to see as much as possible in one day.

We walked in the forest, along the rivers and streams and peered closely at the amazing vents that emit steam from inside the earth.

As we stood in the midst of these vast miracles of nature I was reminded of just how small my part is in this incredible universe.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fishing Early

I stopped at the Madison River this morning and found this fisherman getting his fishing in early.  It is a good thing.  We are expected to have some severe thunderstorms and rain later today.

Thunder storms, rain and lots of strong winds have moved through off and on this past week.  The winds were so strong on Saturday night it blew a hole in the roof where friends of ours were staying.

This morning it was near fifty degrees when we woke.  Right now it is about sixty.  What a magnificent day.

It is so fun to watch people camping, fishing, hiking and bike riding along the Madison.  Just another day in paradise.