Monday, October 29, 2012

Observing Mother Nature

©2012 Ken W. Hall  

©2012 Ken W. Hall 

©2012 Ken W. Hall 

"Today she teased me and she spoke. Mother Nature lured me into her reality. I drove thru light snow into the campground and was instantly greeted by raucous calls of the magpies.  At the water's edge I sat and wondered how many snow flakes and how many ripples make a day like today a reality. No answer so I drove out only to find my usual route back to the highway impaired.
Magpies were frantically feasting on a deer carcass obviously left by hunters. Screaming, talking and ripping morsels that would warm bodies in the coming hours. How long do morsels last in these  temperatures…seconds, minutes, hours? No matter She always feeds her own does Mother Nature. I drove on.
I rounded the bend and glanced at flashing feathers dancing on the beaver damn. Something known only to the magpies was lodged in the tangle of limbs, leaves and rocks at waters edge. It was quite this ballet of feather, snow and ancient traditions. The dance stopped and I drove on to the highway.
A quiet 'Thank You' to Mother and I was done and I headed back to the studio."
                                                                                                                                                -- Ken W. Hall
The above trip took place last week along the Madison River.  Today it was windy and fifty degrees when we woke.  Rain followed and continues to fall off and on.  The rain is much needed here.  Our weather predictions for this week include higher than normal temperatures.  We are truly blessed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15 Degrees This Morning

©2012 Ken W. Hall
It snowed yesterday after Ken captured this image from the banks of the Madison River. A small dusting remains on the ground this morning.

We woke to fifteen degree weather.  When Ken went out to feed the birds you could hear the crunch of the icy snow under his feet.

Our cat Mystic normally stays out for an hour or so in the mornings.  Today he was out less than ten minutes.

The sky is blue and clear.  Temperatures are lower than normal and expected to only be in the forties for the high today.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Snow Today

©2012 Ken W. Hall                                      
I know this photo does not fit the title, but my card reader is not working and I am unable to share my photos at the moment.

Ken was fascinated last week by this beautiful flower that survived the first frost and managed to bloom indoors.  Ken carefully placed backdrop paper behind the flower and using the light from the window created this lovely image.

Today it was in the twenties when we woke.  Then about 1:00 PM it began to snow.  The flakes were those beautiful large ones that float gently to the ground without a trace of wind.  It was so peaceful to watch.

For a brief time I thought it would stick but by late afternoon all traces of snow were gone.  It was a gentle reminder that winter is just around the corner.  And, the flower image is a reminder of the beautiful summer just past.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Along the Madison River

©2012 Ken W. Hall
Ken just sent me this lovely image from our walk along the Madison River yesterday.  It was windy and in the forties.  I noticed the colors were beginning to fade and the leaves were falling.  It felt good to spend time with the river.

This morning it was in the forties again with lots of wind and clouds.  We were blessed with some much needed rain.  Then the sun came out.  Right now it is sixty degrees and looks like it will be an awesome sunset.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Peace in Alder

©2012 Ken W. Hall    "Peace In Alder"
Ken just sent me this awesome image he took last week when he went to Alder, Montana.  The fall colors are beautiful.

It is definitely fall here in Ennis, Montana.  Temperatures are in the teens and twenties in the mornings and in the forties and fifties during the day.  Today it is a bit cloudy and windy.  It looks as if the smoke is back in the air as well.

I am grateful to be back home.  The birds in our yard are plentiful.  I am filling the feeders three times a day.  That always happens when the birds are migrating.  It will settle down when winter arrives.  I just want to enjoy fall first.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

© 2010 K. W. Hall           Half Sun

" Frozen in snow no deeper than eight inches, snow falling lightly the temperature began spiraling downward, twenty degrees and lower transitioned unexpectedly and in quick order. Having not been detained in Thanksgiving week 2110 on the shores of Ennis Lake I would have missed the blessing of one of the Creator's most miraculously choreographed operas ever. Could it have been for me alone. Why not! I am a part of everything that exists or ever will. I am ready." -- Ken W. Hall
This photo seems appropriate today.  I spoke with Ken this morning.  A cold front was just beginning to reach Ennis and temperatures were dropping to freezing.  Bozeman appears to have some snow and it sounds like snow and rain are expected in Ennis as well.  The highs for the next few days are predicted to be in the forties.

The much needed moisture is welcome.  Here in Arkansas that cold front will arrive on Saturday when I am scheduled to fly back home.