Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twenty Degrees in September?

@2014 Ken W. Hall

@2014 Ken W. Hall

@2014 Ken W. Hall
Recently Ken captured these images of a family of deer grazing at the end of our block.  We commented on how late in the year it was to have little ones with spots.  

This week, the morning of the 11th, I drove through snow to hang an art show in Virginia City, Montana at the Elling House Arts and Humanities Center.   The next morning we woke to twenty degree temperatures here in Ennis.

This was a major record low for this time of year.  I heard some people say it had not happened since the 1800's.  I have not checked the facts but it has not happened since we moved here fourteen years ago.

The low this morning was 30 degrees and it is in the sixties with a breeze right now.  It is reminding me to get outdoors and enjoy the warmth while it is here.  Winter is not far off.

So, I am writing this post sipping tea on my front porch watching the birds while expressing gratitude for this beautiful place I call home.