Monday, December 7, 2015

Visiting the Neighbors

©2015 Ken W. Hall
Time seems to be passing faster than I can remember.  Thanksgiving was very cold.  The day before, the day of, and for a few days after it was below zero at dawn.

Today the wind is so strong I could barely open my car door at lunch.  It is cloudy now and looks like snow is falling on the mountains.  

I am glad it is warmer.  The snow that fell before and during Thanksgiving is almost gone here in town.  It is in the high thirties but the wind makes it feel colder.

Ken sent me the above image.  He took it on his walk this morning.  The deer are plentiful in town this year.  These were passing through our street making their daily rounds.


  1. If the deer roaming the streets, the city is quiet, of course. Happy day, today is a holiday in Spain, is the day of the Immaculate.


  2. Tomas, yes things are quieter than summer. Hope your holiday was fabulous.