Monday, March 27, 2017

Things are Changing

I feel a little like the Madison River after a hard cold winter.

When temperatures drop below zero for an extended period of time the ice jams up.  It forces the water out of its banks flooding the land around it creating new paths.

When the temperatures rise above freezing it begins to thaw exposing paths where once again you can see the water flow.  Eventually it settles back within its banks.

When the ice has melted you see how the power of the river overflowing its banks changed the landscape forever.  That is especially evident in the campground just across the bridge from downtown.

Each Summer Ken and I notice how trees that once graced the banks are gone.   Places where we once stood have eroded and fallen into the river.

Like the Madison River my life has changed over the years. While the river is affected by the gorging of its waters my life is altered by my ever changing sight.  You can read more about my journey last year here.

I kept thinking I would revive this blog for my friends who love the Madison River that flows through Ennis, Montana.

I enjoyed hearing comments each summer as those of you who only visit during the warm season would tell me how this little blog got you through your own winters in places around the globe.

Just like the Madison River after the gorging this winter I am settling back into my own life flow and my attention is needed in new areas of my life.  This is my last post to this blog.

You can keep in touch with the beautiful images Ken continues to capture of our precious Madison Valley on his website.

You can find both of us here in Ennis and I hope you will stop in to say hello when you return.

I will continue to post from time to time on my Changing Focus blog.  Feel free to stop by anytime.

I hope to see you soon.


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